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1984 Voters Roll

1984 Voters Roll
Individuals: 2,954,433
Maiden Names: 1,248,348

Cemetery Transcript Project

Cemetery Transcript Project
Individuals: 947,753
Burial Places: 3,186
Countries: 20


Individuals: 949,137
Families: 322,327

25 September 2020 - Cemetery Transcript Project updated

The following records were added:

  • Blaauwbank 179, Stoffberg, District Elias Motsoaledi, Limpopo, RSA - 3
  • Boekenhoutboom, Mapochsgronde 500, Tonteldoos, District Elias Motsoaledi, Limpopo, RSA - 4
  • Kaffirspan, Rural, District Hopetown, Northern Cape, RSA - 8
  • Main Cemetery - Register and headstones 2nd recording, Dullstroom, District Belfast, Mpumalanga, RSA - 722
  • Main Cemetery, Barkly East, District Barkly East, Eastern Cape, RSA - 991
  • Old Cemetery, Middelburg (Cape), District Middelburg (Cape), Eastern Cape, RSA - 244
  • Sally Martin Garden of Remembrance, Parys, District Parys, Free State, RSA - 163
  • SS Mendi - Roll of Honour, English Channel, District Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, England - 615

Dreams become reality

A while ago a few like-minded individuals got together with an idea to make some of the data collections at GSSA more available to researchers. A small project team was assembled to make this idea a reality.

The result is this website which was developed by Johan van Zyl in New Zealand with the aim to make as much information as possible available to our subscribers who are as passionate about Family Research as we at GSSA are!

There are currently three collections featured, and we plan to add more in the near future.

How does it work?

Tokens are used as a form of currency to purchase records for viewing and can be purchased at a minimal cost of R1.00 per token.

Individual records in all the collections can be viewed at the cost of one(1) token. These records contains basic personal information of the individual relevant to the collection.

In the eSAGI collection users have the option to view Groupsheets as well. Groupsheets may contain a wealth of information about a person and might include details about parents and children, if the data is available of course. Groupsheets require eight(8) tokens to view.

Viewing costs
Collection Single Records Groupsheets
1984 Voters Roll 1 -
Cemetery Transcript Project 1 -
eSAGI 1 8
All values are expressed in tokens.

Enjoy the search – it is fun and rewarding!